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Indian Givers

A few other classes have started this tradition with great success so we thought we would give it a try.

The reunion committee is trying to raise additional funds to help offset some of the costs associated with the reunion and in an attempt to help keep event fees low, and so more can participate. Our hope is that we can have one of the best attended reunions yet!

We are looking for generous classmates to contribute some extra funds so more can attend and participate. Maybe you’ve worked hard and been fortunate in your life and would be willing to share in your success? Maybe you own a business or work at a place that would be willing to make a donation to advertise for your company? Maybe you  cannot attend this time but would be willing to make a contribution to the reunion or would like to make a special donation to honor a special classmate that has passed and would like them remembered? Either way, this is a great way to honor and help more classmates participate in the reunion.

Obviously any donation is welcome and will be greatly appreciated. With the most common amount of $100 or higher, you will get your name, and/or company name, displayed on our class website under the special Indian Givers section. Your name/company will also be posted on a display board at check-in areas at both Friday and Saturday’s nights events. You will also be recognized and thanked during the Saturday night party. We are hoping to raise between $3,000 to $5,000 which means we need at least 30 to 50 generous Indian Givers!

Please enter your Indian Givers amount in the special Indian Givers section while completing and checking out during the on-line registration process. Again even if you aren’t attending you can make your Indian Giver’s donation in the on-line registration section of the website.

Thank you for your consideration and contribution.